Standard sale quality for pins. All are handmade so may have some minor inconsistencies that don't take away from the overall quality of the product. At most the flaw on an A-grade pin will be a slight dot or dent that is hardly noticeable. These are collectable quality pins.


Much like A-grade but the flaws are more noticeable meaning that it would be sold at a lower price, B-grade pins that I have a lot of I'll sell for discount, if there are only a few I'll put them as freebies with other purchases. A b-grade may also have a small scratch, slight underfill of enamel, or very minor loss of detail. These are very close to being standard sale quality pins but miss the mark slightly because there are others that are better in the batch. B grade pins may also have bent (not broken) pin backing posts.


Has very obvious scratches, marks, rough texture, missing colours, and other flaws which make it unsuitable for sale. May have muddy/messy lines due to poor shrinkage, I only give these for free unless included in a B/C grade sale (bunching them together).

What are Duds?

Duds are pins that did not suit my vision when creating them, and so become their own product! This is because I go on to remake the pin with a different mold or change the colours. Maybe the colours weren't correct, maybe I want to change the metal colour, maybe I want to change the size etc, I go through a lot to ensure I create what I imagine it to be, this is a form of art after all!
Grading Duds: Duds can come in A, B or C grades, they are held to their own standard. For example if the lineart is faulty for every pin of a dud design, this is an A trait because it does not vary in quality - it is their control, however if a colour was missing/dent/dot or other imperfection it would be made a B or C grade. If it was compared to a non-dud pin then it would be a B/C grade by default :>

I don't call them 'seconds'
I don't call duds, b or c grade pins seconds because I am so strict with grading that most B grade pins can pass as A grades in the eyes of other makers and even collectors too. I see flaws that may be so minor but I don't wish to call it a perfect pin. So to bunch duds, b and c pins together is just too vague for me. I rather give out C for free and sell duds and B as they are and be honest with their mistakes.